6 Sep '14 - Bluegrass Festival - Wirinna

Wirrina Bluegrass Festival 2014 (From Julie Gill)

Voices in the Wilderness (VITW) was the only large group to take part in the Bluegrass Festival, although there were many small groups who sang and played instruments. They, and we of course, were all pretty fantastic. It was great entertainment ranging from low hillbilly to amazingly funny and skilful bluegrass lyrics and melodies.

There was something going on in two or three of the indoor areas the whole time. There were some auditorium size areas with a plenty of seating, and a few smaller, more intimate places as well.  There were several outside performances to be enjoyed and where one could sit and be almost at the performer's feet.

An enthusiastic crowd gathered to hear our performances; they both went down pretty well. Folk seemed to come back for more after our first performance! Our venue comprised a stage in the dining/bar setting; one that suited family groups or those who had just dropped in. The best received songs from our repertoire were the Eagles "Seven Bridges Road" and "Turtle Dove" with its Appalachian connection and arrangement.

Of course Jodie and Emlyn starred - no surprise there. They complement one another so beautifully. As a group, we are so amazingly lucky to have Jodie teaching us and showing us how to do it ...

You will have guessed that I had a great time down at Wirrina and am a very enthusiastic member of VITW.

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